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Hugh and Grace

Los Angeles, CA


Ben and Sara have been clients of mine for quite a while, and I have been able to watch them start this amazing business and see it grow! Hugh and Grace are the names of their cutest two kiddos. Ben and Sara were unable to have kids, except through surrogacy. 

While they were going through rounds and rounds of IVF, they noticed the products that Sara was using were affecting her hormone levels, which affects IVF. They started this hormone free skin care line to help both men and women put less chemicals on their skin. This is seriously an amazing company with such a great mission, plus their products are U N R E A L. 

Emma did such an amazing job with our photos. She sees the moment and doesn't hesitate to capture it. Her editing skills are right on and has a great eye for moments you'll want to keep forever.

Emma - SLC, Ut.
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