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Scottie + Ashton

Provo, Utah

Scottie and Ashton.jpg

Scottie and Ashton is an extension brand that two of my best friends started! The two brains behind this company are the cutest girls and MAGICIANS when it comes to hair. They have both been doing my hair for years now and I have never been disappointed. 

They started this extension company and have grown it so much in the past year and a half. They have tested and tested to get the absolute best hair and they are amazing at color matching you and putting it in for you and helping you keep it healhty and lookin fab. I am a biiiiig fan. 

I cannot recommend Emma enough! Her photography skills are on point, but her STYLE is what drew me to her. Her work is so happy and bright and feels so organic. When we do our family shoots, she phenomenal with our little kids. She catches their attention and makes them laugh. I got so many photos with both my kids smiling! With my business shoots, she completely understand the vibe we are going for and has really captured our brand. She give suggestions for poses and they always turn out better than I could have expected. 10/10 recommend her!

Syd - Provo, UT
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