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Sintz Family

Salt Lake City, Utah


I want to share the story of the COOLEST family I got to capture some memories for this past summer. Okay, meet the Sintz family. They have the most amazing, awe-inspiring, gut-wrenching story of my life. *DISCLAIMER: I know that a lot of people go through trials and I completely validate that! This was just one story that I got to be a part of and it was a really cool experience for me.

The coolest member of the Sintz Family is Isaac. So, Isaac is thirteen years old. A quote from his mom, “He has Dravet syndrome. It’s a rare neurological disorder. He was born with the gene mutation. He’s mentally about 2. We never thought he’d make it this long. He was on hospice 2 yrs ago. He chose to stay awhile. Now he’s back on hospice and he crashed harder and faster this time. He has untreatable epilepsy, autism, autonomic dysfunction, and stage 2 kidney disease. Some days he’s up and going and does well, for him. Then he crashes and can sleep for days to weeks at a time.”

WOW. Can you just say wow?! I do not think that I could ever do that. That was a really amazing experience for me because I saw the trials and pain that this family was going through yet saw the joy that they found in their hard times. As a photographer it was so cool being able to be a part of this special milestone in this special family’s life. Referring back to my post on why I do what I do, I was able to capture quite possibly the last photos that this family might have with their amazing son. This family is religious, so when I asked the mom how she got through this hard trial she said, “We’ve stayed faithful because it is a choice. People always so I have no choice to buy to be strong. I disagree. We have a choice and we choose to be strong. Life is hard whether you have god or not. But with God, we are stronger, have strength, and peace. We can feel angels carry us. Isaac is so close to the veil. He talks about Jesus and my grandpa, who is dead, like they truly are alive and hanging out every day. He can’t make things up. He teaches us. I think I told you how he said after a seizure “Jesus holds me like a baby, He loves me” . That gets me through. That is an undeniable witness to me that God loves us! He IS with us always. Isaac isn’t suffering alone. The Savior is there to carry Isaacs pain as well as mine. The atonement means so much more when you realize how much it truly helps us. I simply can’t deny it. I’ve realized this life is just a test. My eternal reward and happiness will be with my family for eternity. That helps me endure my trials of this lice well.” Again, MIC DROP. Wow.

Emma did such an amazing job with our photos. She sees the moment and doesn't hesitate to capture it. Her editing skills are right on and has a great eye for moments you'll want to keep forever.

Emma - SLC, Ut.
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