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Salt Lake City, Utah


Spencer is 

The coolest member of the Sintz Family is Isaac. So, Isaac is thirteen years old. A quote from his mom, “He has Dravet syndrome. It’s a rare neurological disorder. He was born with the gene mutation. He’s mentally about 2. We never thought he’d make it this long. He was on hospice 2 yrs ago. He chose to stay awhile. Now he’s back on hospice and he crashed harder and faster this time. He has untreatable epilepsy, autism, autonomic dysfunction, and stage 2 kidney disease. Some days he’s up and going and does well, for him. Then he crashes and can sleep for days to weeks at a time.”

Emma did such an amazing job with our photos. She sees the moment and doesn't hesitate to capture it. Her editing skills are right on and has a great eye for moments you'll want to keep forever.

Emma - SLC, Ut.
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